Littleton hiring spree will add 10 to the fold

LITTLETON Chambers has kick-started a recruitment drive that will see the commercial employment set grow by a quarter in three years.

The 44-member set has hired Old Square Chambers barrister Damian Brown, who will join in August.

Brown will bring Littleton a range of collective commercial employment clients, including trade unions.

Brown’s hire is the second within a month, with Cloisters barrister Chris Quinn joining Littleton at the end of June.

Joint head of chambers Andrew Clarke QC said the hires are part of the set’s strategy to build its core practice areas of commercial and employment.

“We’re looking to increase our numbers by at least 10,” said Clarke. “All progressive sets now have half an eye on human rights and European law and these are two areas we’d like to expand into.

“The barristers we take on will add to our current areas but also adjacently diversify the practices of the set.”