Litigation X

The results should be counted and verified within the next few hours (5 October 2009).

It’s the litigators’ very own X Factor with London managing partner Jeremy Sandelson going up against former Asian litigation head Denis Brock for the lead singer role.

Whatever the outcome, Clifford Chance will be hoping the winner won’t be a one hit wonder who then disappears into obscurity.

Instead, they’ll need to hit the number one spot in the UK and break the US to help the firm get back to the top of the litigation charts (19 August 2009).

So CC is looking more for Leona Lewis than Steve Brookstein. Just in case you’ve forgotten, the former won the TV contest in 2006 while Brookstein came top in 2004 – and is currently residing in the ‘where are they now’ file.

Not somewhere CC – or its new disputes head – wants to be.