A 56-year-old County Cork business executive who collapsed after his release from a London hospital following day care treatment is suing the health authority he blames. Donald Herliky has issued a High Court writ claiming damages from Kensington Chelsea and Westminster Health Authority. It says he was admitted to Westminster Hospital on 25 March 1992 for a routine cystoscopy as a day care case and received premedication before being given a general anaesthetic. After the treatment he was discharged alone intending to go home to Richmond on the underground. However, while waiting at Westminster Underground Station he collapsed and fell backwards, suffering a head injury. The writ blames his collapse on a combination of the premedication and the general anaesthetic from which it is claimed he was not given sufficient time to recover.

Writ issued by Dale & Newbery, Feltham, Middlesex.

A mother who found her 14-year-old daughter dead in a bath on Christmas Eve four years ago has issued a writ against her doctor claiming compensation. Breda George, of Kingswood, Surrey, is suing Dr Joanna Webb, of Tadworth, Surrey, alleging negligence in care of her daughter Leah, who died on 24 December 1991. The writ says Mrs George suffered severe protracted grief from the trauma of finding her daughter dead in the bath and this has led to her developing a depressive illness.

Writ issued by Morrisons, Redhill, Surrey. G16

A Blackpool man who received an insurance payout of over £250,000 after his wife died, is being sued by Scottish Mutual Assurance for the return of more than half the money. The writ claims that John Hill or Yvonne Hill had not signed the application form and declaration for one of the relevant policies, that their signatures had been forged and that in the circumstances the insurance was null and void.

Writ issued by Pinsent Curtis, Leeds.

Libel action is looming over national newspaper claims that a major milk supplier to Tesco, J Sainsbury and Safeway has been recycling milk. Wood-gate Farms Dairy has issued a writ against The Observer seeking aggravated libel damages following the claims contained in a story headlined "Revealed: old milk recycled and sold again".

Writ issued by Donne Mileham & Haddock, Brighton.