Litigation Writs 29/08/95

A top British Sky Broadcasting man who claims he lost his £179,000-a-year job as deputy chief executive of the company because of illness is suing an insurance company for more than £300,000 over its refusal to pay out on a claim made on his illness insurance policy. Graham Grist Blandford Forum, of Dorset, is suing Norwich Union Life Insurance Society. His writ says he was sacked from his job with BSkyB on 12 June 1989 because he was suffering from a depressive illness. However, he claims that although he had taken out two insurance policies with Norwich Union to provide income should he be unable to work, it has refused to meet his claims.

Writ issued by Trowers & Hamlins, London WC2.

A Welsh police officer who resigned after being questioned over allegations of indecent assault but was never taken to court is now suing his old force claiming he was misled into leaving his job. Paul Bennett, a long-serving officer in Dyfed-Powys Police, claims he was told his police pension was in jeopardy unless he resigned before he was suspended over the allegations. But the writ alleges that the information was false and made fraudulently or negligently. Bennett, who works part-time as a council car park attendant, is suing the Chief Constable of Dyfed-Powys Police and Dyfed-Powys Police Authority for damages.

Writ issued by Russell Jones & Walker, London WC1.

British Telecom is being sued for libel damages by rival telephone company Executive Telecommunications (UK) of Manchester. It alleges the libel was committed in a letter in January this year which was sent by fax to distributors of equipment supplied by BT's mobile division.

Writ issued by Lopian Wagner, Manchester. E566.

The Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England has begun action to stop building work at Sandown Hall, in Wavertree, Merseyside. The commission has issued a writ against L Noble and Partners, Downey Noble Appleton, Leonard G Noble, G Downey, and Paula B Appleton seeking an order to prevent demolition or alteration work at the hall, and a declaration that the defendants did not have valid listed building consent for work carried out and contravened the Planning Act 1990.

Writ issued by Norton Rose, London EC3. H1026.