Litigation Writs 28/03/95

Portsmouth company Eco Euro is being sued by the Commissioners of Customs & Excise following the seizure of more than 11 million cigarettes. The writ says the cigarettes were seized because of false documents which named a consignee who did not exist and stated that the destination for the cigarettes was Morocco. Customs & Excise officials claim the cigarettes are liable to forfeiture, but both Eco Euro of Copnor, Portsmouth, and Fabio Ghiselli, of London N6, challenge the forfeiture claims. In their writ the Commissioners of Customs & Excise seek an order for the condemnation of the cigarettes under the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979 or certification that there were reasonable grounds for the seizure.

Writ issued by DEJ Nissen, London SE1. C478

A special constable whose shoulder was broken in a self-defence training exercise is suing her former solicitors following a failed action against the Metropolitan Police. The writ says Mrs Leonie Philp, 38, was taking part in a wrist lock exercise when special constable Lorraine Way forced her to the ground, failed to let go when asked and fell on her, breaking her shoulder. Philp sued the Metropolitan Commissioner of Police but her case was dismissed for want of prosecution and her appeal was also dismissed. Now Philp, of Ottershaw, Surrey, is suing her former solicitors Wilkinsons, of Queen's Road, Wimbledon, for damages for alleged negligence and breach of duty. She claims, among other things, the firm was negligent in failing to prosecute the action with adequate despatch, in failing to secure her authority to release medical records, as well as failing to conduct the action with due care and skill.

Writ issued by the Howell-Jones Partnership, Walton-on-Thames.

Chelsea Football Club is being sued by KS Group Security of Sidcup, Kent, for more than u1,853 for security services. The writ says the club was invoiced for the services on 30 November last year but has not paid it.

Writ issued by Nigel Owen & Co, Chiselhurst, Kent. K163

Alexandra Andersen-Bryar of Cambridge has launched a libel action against the Daily Star over stories headed 'Ripper's secret sex-op lover' and 'Ripper's love for sex-change Ali'.

Writ issued by Andersen-Bryar in person.