Litigation Writs 19/09/95

Writ issued by Dawson & Co, London WC2. C146

Milton Keynes widow Susan Campbell is suing British Railways Board over the death of her husband from an asbestos-related disease. Roy Campbell, who was 56, died on 3 February last year from mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos when he worked for British Rail at its carriage and wagon works in Wolverton between 1952-58 and 1960-62, claims the writ.

The Northern Regional Health Authority is claiming negligence and breach of contract in respect of design and construction of Ashington General Hospital in Northumberland. A writ issued in the Official Referees court in the name of Northern and Yorkshire Regional Health Authority, predecessors to the NRHA, accuses architects and engineering consultants of negligence and/or breach of contract regarding the development.

A Guildford builder accused of working while claiming insurance benefits for alcoholism is being sued by the insurance company. Permanent Insurance Co has issued a writ against Robert Morris who it says took out a permanent health insurance policy in July 1986, and made a claim in October 1989 for benefits, saying he could not work because of alcoholism. He repeated his claim until March 30 last year, and the company says it paid a total of £41,985 in index linked benefits. But the company claims his representations were false and between 4 August 1989 and 30 March 1994 he had been working as a builder. The bank is now seeking repayment of the money with £938 interest and continuing interest of £9 a day.

A York man is being sued for more than £5.7 million by First National Commercial Bank. The bank claims Richard Morton, of Elvington, York, gave an unlimited guarantee over the debts of a company Black Eagle, formerly Ardesee, on 14 March 1989. The writ says the bank made a formal demand on Morton for sums owed under the guarantee on 5 March 1992 , then £4,218,039 but he has failed to pay. Now the bank is suing him for the £4,218,039, less £1,136,461 received in August this year, plus interest and bank charges of £2,694,953 to total £5,776,532.