Litigation Writs 18/07/95

A heart patient from Havant, Hampshire, who claims he was given blood contaminated with hepatitis during heart surgery, is taking Southampton and South West Hampshire Health Authority and Wessex Regional Health Authority to the High Court. Victor Harris' writ says he underwent heart surgery and treatment at Southampton General Hospital between 20 March and 2 April 1990, and was given whole blood and fresh frozen plasma. However, the writ claims the blood and blood products were contaminated with both hepatitis B and hepatitis D. It says Harris, 67, suffered from symptoms of hepatitis infection in August 1990, post viral depression, deteriorating liver function and advancing liver disease.

Writ issued by MacDonald Oates, Midhurst, West Sussex. H736.

Falklands war veteran David Grimshaw, of Holyhead, is suing the Ministry of Defence over its approach to the stress he suffered as a result of the conflict. Grimshaw claims he suffered as a result of failure by the MoD to diagnose and treat his post traumatic stress disorder when he served in the Falklands in 1982. His writ accuses the MoD of breach of its duty to him and seeks aggravated and exemplary damages.

Writ issued by Mackenzie Persaud, Southall. G 807.

The widow of a man from Calne in Wiltshire who was killed in a plane crash in Scotland has launched a claim against the Ministry of Defence. Janet King, whose husband, Alan, died in the May 1993 disaster, is suing on behalf of herself and her children, Steven, aged eight, and Alison, aged six, alleging negligence on the part of the MoD.

Writ issued by Lorimer Longhurst and Lees, Cambridge. K344.

A quarry at Aylesford, Kent, is at the centre of a bizarre rights of way action. Sun Life Assurance plc is being taken to court by Somerfield Trading Group Ltd, which in 1988 paid £2.25 million for a 'ransom strip' of land at the site to open up access to it for development. However, Somerfield now says in its writ that Sun Life has allowed it to connect water, gas, and electricity services, but not to use them. It says it has not received the access it considered it was buying and is asking for an order that it is entitled to the rights it claims went with the deal.

Writ issued by Simmons and Simmons, London EC2.