Litigation Writs 13/12/99

Sunderland Health Authority has launched High Court action against Peter and Christina Snowdon of Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, and Demnox Ltd of Sunderland. The Health Authority is seeking damages for alleged breach of contract and statutory duties. In its claim it accuses the Snowdons and Demnox of submitting claims for dispensing appliances from a residential address when in fact no dispensing took place from that address. The claim says that as a result the Health Authority paid special allowances of £36,702. It alleges that all dispensing was actually from a chemist shop and that in those circumstances the allowances were not payable. The claim also alleges that they dishonestly stated the number of clinical oxygen sets held by them in order to secure additional payments of £7,659.

Claim issued by Hempsons, London WC

Jennifer Cormack of Kenninghall, Norwich, is suing East London and the City Health Authority for damages of more than £50,000 for personal injuries, loss, damage, inconvenience and distress suffered as a result of alleged negligence when she was treated at the hospital in December 1985.

Claim issued by Gadsby Wicks, Chelmsford

The site of the former West Ham power station in London is at the centre of a High Court battle. National Grid Co is suing former tenant James Walsh of J&M Walsh for the £500,000 it claims is needed to clear the site of around 75,000 cubic metres of rubbish which it says has been illegally dumped on the site. A claim issued at London's High Court says that the dumping amounts to trespass.

Claim issued by Brookstreet Des Roches, Witney, Oxford

A doctor who was badly hurt after his bicycle was in collision with a double decker bus is suing for damages. Dr Donald McKenzie suffered severe head and other injuries in the accident. He is now suing bus driver Earl McDonald and South London Transport for damages.

Claim issued by Stewarts, London WC2

Inntrepreneur Pub Co (CPC) of Mill House in Oxfordshire is suing Yorkshire Pubs and Jack McDade, both of Huddersfield, over alleged non-payment of rent under the terms of a tenancy management agreement for a public house in Newham, Middlesbrough. Inntrepreneur also seeks possession of the premises, rent arrears, mesne profits until possession, double value, interest and costs.

Claim issued by Masons, London EC4

Etam of Jubilee House, London W1, is suing surveyors Baker Almond of London W1 for damages for professional negligence over alleged negligent valuation of freehold retail premises in Truro. Etam claims the £2,705,000 valuation exceeded the highest value which a surveyor exercising reasonable care and skill could have ascribed to the premises. Etam says it exchanged contracts for the property in 1985 in reliance on the valuation but has suffered loss and damage through the valuation.

Claim issued by Titmuss Sainer Dechert, London EC4