Litigation Writs 08/08/95

Solicitors Harry and Simon Kanter are suing Laurence Begner and Martin Isaacs seeking a declaration that the partnership between them as Kanter Jules Grangewoods was dissolved on 30 April last year. They are also asking for an order that the affairs of the partnership be wound up, for all necessary accounts and inquiries and an injunction restraining Begner and Isaacs, of 1 Harley Street, London W1, from withholding partnership books, papers and records from them and their accountants.

Writ issued by Kanter Jules, London W1. CH3590.

Berkshire Health Authority faces a High Court damages claim over the birth of a girl, now four, who has been left handicapped. The claim on behalf of Amy Carter has been launched through her mother Jacqueline, of Wokingham, Berkshire. Amy suffers from severe dyskinetic quadriplegic cerebral palsy with physical and mental disability, and will always be dependent on others for her daily living according to the writ. It says she and her twin sister Lauren were born on 24 October 1990, but Amy suffered from a lack of oxygen during her birth, needed intensive resuscitation and suffered convulsions. The writ accuses the health authority of negligence for failing to carry out an early caesarian birth, failing to heed the signs of foetal distress and failing to call additional medical assistance in time.

Writ issued by Vizards, London WC1. C1282.

Collette Ormiston, 53, of Windsor, whose cyclist husband was killed in an accident with a car on the A355 last May is suing the driver Deanna Escorcio and Escorcio's Lotus Development (UK). The writ accuses Escorcio of driving too fast, failing to keep a proper look-out and failing to see Ormiston on his cycle in time.

Writ issued by Clifton Owen High Street, Maidenhead.

Terry Groom, 24, is suing R Groom and Son (Roofing) Co, of Chislehurst, Kent, over an accident which happened on 13 July 1993 when he was installing a roof in Greenwich. He claims his father had placed an unsecured ladder on loose stones against the side of the building. As he reached the top of the ladder, carrying a bucket of hot bitumen, the ladder slipped away from his foot and to save himself from falling to the ground he threw himself forwards, splashing bitumen on to his face and arms.

Writ issued by Judge & Priestley, Bromley, Kent. G936.