Litigation Writs 07/03/95

Rushmoor Borough Council is being sued by Sonya Padgett, from Aldershot, who trades as Quality House Reproductions. She is seeking damages for wrongful interference with her goods and excessive distress from non-domestic rates. She is also seeking damages for alleged trespass to her property and a court order banning further such action by the council. Writ issued by Herrington & Carmichael, Aldershot. P123

Paul Nightingale, of London SW3, is suing the Metropolitan Police Commissioner claiming he was assaulted and beaten, falsely imprisoned and maliciously prosecuted by police last year. Writ issued by BM Birnberg & Co, London SE1. N137

A Hertfordshire woman who claims police told a newspaper she had had an affair with convicted criminal Ronnie Knight has launched High Court compensation claims for more than u300,000. Winifred Foley has issued writs claiming u150,000 damages each on the basis of alleged malicious falsehood from the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and News Group Newspapers. Her writ alleges police provided malicious and false information to The Sun that she had "a fling with Knight", whom she describes as a notorious villain.

Writs issued by Ms Foley in person. F60 and F61

Another writ has been issued against Maurice and Charles Saatchi by Saatchi & Saatchi Co and Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising in a bid to prevent them from using the name Saatchi in any new business. The two Saatchi companies have issued a High Court writ against the two brothers and against Jeremy Sinclair, David Kershaw and William Muirhead seeking an injunction restraining them from infringing the companies' registered trade mark 1287359.

Writ by Macfarlanes, London EC4.

Motorist Anthony Burley, 49, is suing for compensation for injuries received in a 1982 car crash. Burley, of Hoddesdon, Herts, is suing Adrian Hendrick, of Garston, Watford, blaming Hendrick for the accident in Enfield, in January 1992. Burley was unconscious for 45 minutes after the crash and suffered head, nose, leg, neck and back injuries. He claims that one week after the accident he began to suffer headaches, head and other pains and these symptoms still persist.

Writ issued by Bird & Lovibond, Uxbridge. B243