Litigation Writs 05/12/95

The VAT man is suing two banks for £1.1 million following the theft of a cheque made out to the London Borough of Haringey. They accuse the National Westminster Bank and the Austria-based Bank Fur Arbeit Und Wirtschaft AG, of wrongly cashing the cheque, originally made out to the London Borough of Haringey but altered before presentation. The writ says that when the cheque was presented the name of the payee had been altered to LBOH (Microfilms Systems) and was purportedly endorsed on behalf of LBOH (Microfilms Systems).

Writ issued by DEJ Nissen, London SE1.

Cleveland police are to be sued by a road crash victim injured in Guisborough three years ago. David Cammish, of Cleveland, is seeking damages for injuries he received in the crash on 17 October 1992 which alleges negligent driving by a police sergeant who was involved in the crash.

Writ issued by Russell Jones & Walker, Leeds. C215

A Glasgow man who claims his 20-year-old grandson died as a result of contracting Creutzfeld Jacob Disease has joined the growing list of

CJD High Court claimants. James Smith's grandson, Mark Smith, died in 1990, after being given human growth hormone injections which he claims were contaminated with the disease. And in another recent writ, Peter Papworth, of Hull, is also suing the Medical Research Council, the Secretary of State for Health, Leeds Health Authority and East Riding Health Authority for damages for personal injury which he claims was caused through their negligence in administering human growth hormone treatment to him between September 1984 and May 1985.

Writs issued by Irwin Mitchell, Sheffield, and Philip Hamer & Co, Kingston upon Hull. S1854 and P139

Four partners in accountancy firm Bowker Orford are suing their former partner David North accusing him of misuse of £152,000 of the firm's money. North, who was expelled from the Cavendish Place, London W1 firm on 18 April this year, is said to have received money belonging to third parties between 1988 and 1995, and then misapplied it. The writ claims North was in breach of his duties to act honestly and in good faith, and to use his best endeavours to advance the interests of the firm.

Writ issued by Biddle & Co, London EC2.