Litigation Writs 05/11/96

An Abingdon man is heading for a new legal confrontation with a motorist he blames for injuries he received in 1988 and for which he has already received agreed compensation of £80,000. In a sequel to the settlement of the case, David Clubb has now issued a writ against Roger Fowler, of Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire, seeking to set the award aside. He claims he agreed to settle the action after being sent reports by two enquiry agents allegedly claiming to have watched him digging his garden despite his injuries. One of the reports said the agent who made it had never seen "a healthier looking claimant". However, the writ claims that the statements were false and made fraudulently, that the two agents had conspired together to pervert the course of justice, and had not carried out the observation they claimed they had carried out. Clubb will ask the High Court for a declaration that the settlement agreement was null and void and should be set aside.

Writ issued by Taylor Joynson Garrett, London EC

A company that developed tracing systems for stolen cars is suing RAM Mobile Data and Ericsson for a sum in excess of £650,000 plus damages as a result of alleged failure of the systems. Integrated Security Group claims it lost anticipated sales to the National Rivers Authority, Kentish Town Police Force, New Look Fashions, and Cable Corp, and that its system's credibility has been destroyed because of what happened. The writ says Integrated Security developed the ISG Tracer system in 1993. The system uses satellite global positioning to locate vehicles precisely and enables stolen vehicles to be immobilised. The system needs a communication device to communicate with a monitoring station, using a mobile telephone unit. The writ claims Integrated was let down over the latter by RAM and


Writ issued by Sookias and Sookias, London W1

British Gas is being taken to court by property owners Croydon Plaza over the alleged state they left premises at Croydon in after the expiry of a lease. The writ claims that Katharine House, Croydon, was handed back by British Gas in an untenantable condition at the end of a 10-year lease. The cost of repairs is put at £1,108,800 and lost rent during repair work is estimated at £693,000.

Writ issued by Denton Hall, London