Litigation Writs 04/06/96

The Public Health Laboratory Service Board, of London NW9, is being sued by Patricia Lowans, of Topsham, Exeter. Lowans claims she suffered personal injuries and loss as a result of the board's alleged negligence and breach of statutory duty in 1993 during her work at a laboratory in Church Lane, Heavitree, Exeter.

Writ issued by Hallam-Peel & Co, London SE1.

Insurance Services is suing a burglar alarm installation company for damages following a burglary at alarmed premises. M&N, of Manchester, has issued a writ against Modern Security Systems, of Hainault. The brokers act for Felville Investment Co, trading as Caledonian Supply Co, a wholesale grocer of Rufford Street, London N1. The writ says Felville was fitted with an alarm system by Modern in 1977 which alerted local police when triggered. However, it claims that in 1983 police refused to continue responding to the alarm due to the number of false alarms. Ultimately, there was a robbery in which £20,172 was stolen.

Writ issued by Landau & Cohen, Edgware.

Oxford Psychologists Press, which was robbed of more than £232,000 by one of its employees, is suing Nationwide Building Society for damages. Its writ says that an employee opened a treasurer's account at the Edgware Road branch of the Nationwide in November 1993 in the name of OPP, for his own personal use and without the company's authority. Between 17 November 1993 and 16 September 1995, 123 cheques totalling £232,518 were paid into the account. The writ says that as a result of Nationwide collecting the proceeds of the cheques and crediting them to the account, Oxford Psychologists Press has suffered losses of £193,063.

Writ issued by Edge & Ellison, London WC1.

A Banbury woman who says she was left disabled after a series of violent attacks by her former husband has launched a £50,000-plus High Court compensation claim against him. Joy Eggleston has issued a writ claiming damages from Philip English, of Chipping Warden, Oxfordshire. The writ says she is incapable of working again, will need care and attendance for the rest of her life, and cannot be touched on her left side after surgery for her injuries.

Writ issued by Duffield Harrison, Hertford.