Litigation Writs 02/08/94

Soccer ace Eric Cantona has launched libel action against The Sun. In his writ Cantona, seeks exemplary libel damages from publishers over a Sun story on May 7 this year headed 'Booze-ah Cantona' and 'He was nose to nose with me like a psycho.'

In addition to damages Cantona also seeks an injunction preventing the further publication of the words of which he complains.

Mem: Writ issued by James Chapman and Co, Chepstow Street, Manchester – C 1745

A keen sportsman who claims that as a result of 1991 road crash injuries he will never again be able to walk without a crutch has launched a High Court damages claim.

David Jakeman, 41, Borden, Kent, has issued a writ against David O'Keefe of Hythe, Kent. He was injured when a car, driven by O'Keefe, in which he passenger, crashed in east Kent in July 1991.

The writ says he sustained a complex and multiple fracture of his left ankle, which needed three operations and has left him with a permanent disability and arthritis. He may also need further surgery.

It says that as a result of the injury, the movements of Mr Jakeman, whose hobbies had included, golf, cricket, squash and jogging are so restricted and painful he has difficulty in walking more than 50 yards without pain and that he will always need a crutch.

Writ issued by Moon Beever, London WC1, agents for Andrew McCooey and Co, Sittingbourne – J1258.

West Wiltshire District Council has launched High Court proceedings against Aamer Salim, of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, over excessive noise.

The council seeks an court order banning Salim, from creating a nuisance by playing amplified music from his home at such a level to cause a nuisance to neighbours.

Writ issued by SJ Aley, solicitor to the council – W850.

A Dursley, Gloucestershire, woman who claims she was the victim of assault and battery at a northern hospital almost fifteen years ago has launched a High Court claim for compensation.

Cecilia Hodgson, of is suing Newcastle and North Tyneside Health Authority. In her writ she suffered assault and battery at Princess Mary's Maternity Hospital in Newcastle on December 13 1979, but only became aware of her rights of action on July 12 1991.

Writ issued by Hatchett Jones and Kidgell, London E1.