Litigation Writs 02/05/95

High Court action has been launched against Norwest Holst, Norwest Holst Construction, M Clarke trading as Marvel Services, and Marvel Services over flooding at London's Kew Gardens. The writ, issued through the Attorney General on behalf of the Crown and Crown departments, the Property Services Agency and the Crown Suppliers, seeks damages for loss and damage sustained by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew as a result of a flooding incident on 18 March 1989 at the Herbarium Store based at the gardens. It claims the flooding resulted from breach of a written contract and negligence in supply, installation, construction, manufacture, design and inspection of a water or fire main and a joint or coupling in it. In the writ, the original contract for the work is said to have been between Norwest, of Imperial Way, Watford, Hertfordshire, and the Property Services Agency.

Writ issued by the Treasury Solicitor. A483

Chartered architect Barrie Stanley is suing a rival, who he claims copied his drawings. Stanley, of Ealing, who trades as Heritage and Architecture, claims he made nine drawings and plans for a development scheme at Ealing and that they were submitted for planning approval on 10 June last year. However, he claims that on various dates between last October and 23 February this year Christopher Dorban, acting as an employee of D and R Projects trading as Dorban Reeve, infringed copyright in the drawings by reproducing them and publicly displaying them as his own drawings. He claims Dorban obtained financial gain by copying the drawings and has failed to give undertakings in respect of the drawings when requested to do so in solicitors letters.

Writ issued by Keene Marsland, London E1. S437

Southampton South West Hampshire Health Authority and the Ministry of Defence are being sued by Charles Tammadge of Gosport, Hampshire. Tammadge is suffering from the asbestos-related killer disease mesolthelioma. Tammadge claims in his writ he was exposed to asbestos while working as a plumber's mate at Knowle Hospital, Fareham, between 1959 and 1964 and subsequently when he worked at ARE Haslar between 1967 and 1992. The writ says that he could die from the disease within months.

Writ issued by Blake Lapthorn, Segensworth, Fareham. T300.