Litigation Writs 01/10/96

Red Rooster Film and Television Entertainment is suing HTV Group over the television series Wycliffe. Red Rooster has issued a High Court writ claiming damages for lost commission arising out of HTV's alleged unlawful and repudiatory termination of a written agreement, dated 6 February last year, for the distribution of existing and future series of the programme.

Writ issued by Olswang, London WC2.

Barry Hogg, of Heston, Middlesex, who was severely injured after being run over and crushed by a lorry is suing Longford Plant Hire, of Goudhurst, Kent, and his employer Camas Associated Asphalts, of Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. The accident happened in April 1994 while Hogg, 41, was working in a storage yard near the M4 Heston services. He was struck by a reversing lorry driven by James Murphy, who worked for Longford Plant Hire. The writ says he was crushed by the lorry as it went over him, leaving him profoundly handicapped.

Writ issued by Roebuck and Co, Heston.

A Bromley woman has launched High Court action against the Metropolitan Police to recover nearly £100,000 and jewellery she claims were wrongly seized. Claire Parker has issued a High Court writ seeking the return of £94,815 and jewellery worth about £500. She is also claiming damages over the property.

Writ issued by Robert Blackford and Co, Croydon.

An Isleworth man hurt when a drunk driver drove off in the car he was sitting in is suing the driver. James Keane, 22, of Isleworth, has issued a High Court writ claiming damages from mini owner Jonathan Wall, of Feltham, Middlesex, and driver William Ellis, of Isleworth. The writ says the accident happened late at night on 14 August, 1993, when Wall invited the others to look at his car. It says Keane sat in the front passenger seat with the door open and his feet out of the car when, without warning, Ellis drove along the road, until the car collided with a street lamp. Keane suffered a severe compound fracture of his right arm, which is now two inches shorter and has limited movement. He also has severe disfigurement of his arm, and may need plastic surgery. Ellis was convicted of driving with excess alcohol, no insurance and taking a car without consent.

Writ was issued by David Gouldman and Co.