What's included


The Litigation Tracker

Search and download comprehensive, aggregated data from every case and claim from 6 top UK high courts, as well as receive daily morning email alerts and follow progress on specific cases and claims.

  1. Know about claims affecting your clients in real time with our Claims alerts service
  2. Benchmark and improve your market position with historic trend data and detail on Cases and Claims
  3. Equip your Practice for maximum growth from the upcoming litigation gold rush

Litigation Market Reports

  1. Strategic insight for law firm leadership, reports include market trends, key developments and law firm strategy to set growth agenda for your Litigation Practice
  2. Individual profiles of the top firms in the market including financial, headcount and diversity metrics, key lateral hire and promotions data
  3. Video interviews with selected law firm leaders

Litigation Quarterlies

  1. 4 deep dive insight reports on the key developments in the litigation market
  2. Granular analysis of important cases and claims throughout the year
  3. Collated and summarised insight broken down by court, litigation type, industry sector and more

You are in a good company

The Lawyers’ Signal won Market Intelligence Brand & Product of the Year 2022 at the PPA Awards

Whilst remaining market-leader in the information business, this year further developments in the digital Litigation Tracker and introduction of Horizon, has offered a wealthier data subscription product, and access to strategical insights relevant to our audience.

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