The top 20 cases to watch this year are listed below. The Lawyer’s in-depth look at each case, including court details, dates, and the firms and chamber involved, can be read here.

1. Merricks v Mastercard 11. The Secretary of State for Health and the NHS Business Services Authority v Servier Laboratories, Servier Research and Development Limited, Les Laboratories Servier SAS and Servier SAS
2. Dynasty Company for Oil and Gas Trading v The Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq and Dr Ashti Hawrami 12. Sir Philip Rutnam v Home Office
3. Good Law Project v Secretary of State for Health and Social Care 13. Wm Morrisons Supermarkets Plc and Neerock Ltd (trading as Woodhead Brothers) v Lorien Engineering Solutions Ltd (dissolved), GP Strategies Ltd, John Sisk & Sons Ltd and J&E Hall Ltd
4. R (Heathrow Airport) v Her Majesty’s Treasury and HMRC 14. Stanford International Bank v HSBC Plc
5. Skatteforvaltningen (the Danish Customs and Tax Administration) v Solo Capital Partners LLP (in Special Administration) and ors 15. Castle Water v Thames Water
6. Baker & 120 ors v Post Office Ltd 16. McClean & Ors v Andrew Thornhill QC & Ors
7. Roman Pipia v BGEO Group Limited 17. Bank of St Petersburg PJSC and Alexander Savelyev v Vitaly Arkhangelsky, Julia Arkhangelskaya and Oslo Marine Group Ports LLS
8. ECU Group v HSBC 18. Meghan Markle v Associated Newspapers
9. Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation Limited v Serious Fraud Office, Dechert  and Neil Gerrard
Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation Limited v Mark Hollingsworth
19. AutoStore Technology AS v Ocado Group plc and ors
10. SCOR v Barclays Bank 20. Mercuria Energy Trading Pte Ltd v Deutsche Bank AG