Litigation Recent Decisions 16/07/96

Covenant prohibiting more than one house on a plot

Application of Jean Elizabeth Lee: Re 13 Hardwick Court, Pontefract, West Yorkshire: LP/6/199.

Lands Tribunal (P H Clarke FRICS) 17/6/96.

Summary: Application to discharge a restrictive covenant prohibiting the erection of more than one dwelling house per plot in an estate held to secure practical advantages to the objector and not to have become obsolete.

Application under s.84 Law of Property Act 1925 for an order discharging a restrictive cov-enant affecting freehold land known as 13 Hardwick Court, Pontefract, so as to permit the erection of one additional dwelling with integral garage thereon. The sole objector was Eileen Hyde the owner of Rosie Lee, Hardwick Court.