Litigation Personal Injury 26/03/96

McIntyre v Filtrona – Court of Appeal 12 March 199Claimant: Dorothy McIntyre, 47

Incident: Claimant claimed she suffered Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after years of repetitive work making cigarette filters

Injuries: Agonising pain in wrist; no feeling in fingers; difficulty in sleeping; operative treatment necessary

Award: £750 at Newcastle County Court (July 1995); award set aside on 3 March appeal after ruling that employers not to blame for claimant's condition; decision to affect other similar claims

Judges (CA): Lords Justices Beldam & Waite

Plaintiff's solicitors: Deas Mallen Souter (Newcastle)

Thanda v Central Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust – QBD 18 March 199Claimant: Zeba Thanda, 4, suing through mother Hamida Thanda

Incident: Medical negligence during birth

Injuries: Diffuse brain damage affecting cerebral hemispheres of basal ganglia; development severely retarded; major feeding problems; epilepsy; claimant completely dependant on others and will remain so

Award: £815,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Mr Justice Curtis

Plaintiff's solicitors: Compton Carr (London)

Defendant's solicitors:

Capsticks (London)

Carroll v Fearon, Dent and Dunlop – QBD (Oxford) 29 February 199Claimant: Alan Carroll, 46, Susie Carroll, 42, Catherine Carroll, 22, and Stephen Carroll,1Incident: Car travelling in opposite direction on motorway suffered tyre blow out and crossed into head-on collision with claimants' car

Injuries: Alan Carroll – broken ribs, ankle, toes and shoulder; psychological damage. Susie Carroll – severe head and facial injuries; complete loss of vision in right eye, limited vision in left eye; plastic surgery to reconstruct face; continual head-aches and depression; change in personality and dependant on other members of family; confidence low and prone to panic attacks; no prospect of improvement of face or vision and chronic stress will never go away. Catherine Carroll – fractured knee; facial scarring to chin. Stephen Carroll – fractures to both legs

Award: Alan Carroll £22,000, Susie Carroll £550,000, Catherine Carroll £10,000, Stephen Carroll £10,000 (all agreed damages)

Judge: Judge Wilson Mellor QC, sitting as a deputy judge of the High Court

Plaintiff's solicitors: Charles Lucas & Marshall (Newbury)