Litigation Personal Injury 19/09/95

Moden v Gateway Foodmarkets – QBD 3 July 199C

Claimant: Alan Moden

Accident: Fall through roof while on duty as policeman

investigating burglary.

Injuries: Spinal injuries; medically retired from police force; used to be keen walker but now only able to walk maximum of three quarters of mile; can no longer cycle; sex life said to have been affected.

Award: Agreed damages of £50,000.

Judge: Mr A Machin QC as deputy High Court judge.

Solicitors: Rogers & Norton.

Smith v Ealing Hammersmith and Hounslow Health Authority – QBD 22 June 199Cl

Claimant: Charlotte Smith suing through mother Pamela.

Incident: Plaintiff child born 1.5.88 admitted to Middlesex University Hospital 27.11.89 in "floppy and febrile" state.

Injuries: Un-diagnosed pneumococcal meningitis resulting in severe brain damage.

Award: Judgment on liability for plaintiff – damages to be assessed later.

Judge: Mr Justice Maurice Kay

Solicitors: Partlett Kent & Co.

Patel v McLeish – QBD 23 June 199

Claimant: Dinesh Patel

Accident: Road accident on M25.

Injuries: Plaintiff received severe, multiple injuries throughout his body after escaping from crashed vehicle but then returning in bid to retrieve money he had left in it.

Award: Liability decided 85 per cent in favour of plaintiff – damages to be assessed.

Judge: Sir Michael Davies sitting as High Court judge.

Solicitors: Cheshire & Co, Sheffield.

Renshaw v Sheffield Health Authority – QBD 26 June 1995

Claimant: Elizabeth Renshaw

Incident: Plaintiff clinically dead when born by caesarean section at Jessop Hospital for Women, Sheffield, in September 1988.

Injuries: Resuscitation carried out but plaintiff left quadriplegic and with mental age of two-year-old.

Award: £1,250,000 (settlement) case adjourned for consideration of structuring.

Judge: Mr Justice Maurice Kay

Solicitors: Oxley Coward.