Litigation Personal Injury 03/10/95

Richardson v Wood – QBD 12 July 199Claimant: Valerie Richardson

Accident: Road traffic

Injuries: Plaintiff suffered whiplash injuries resulting in reduced energy, reduced capacity to work for the marketing company where she was employed, difficulty in carrying heavy shopping. Also claims injury has had effect on sight in her right eye

Award: £122,100

Judge: Mr Justice Rougier

Plaintiff's solicitors: Moore & Blatch (Southampton)

Defendant's solicitors: Barry Baines & Co (Poole)

Baldwin v British Midland Airways and ors – QBD 11 July 199Claimant: Nigel Baldwin, 2Accident: Kegworth air disaster

Injuries: Plaintiff, a private in the Queen's Regiment, was passenger in the Boeing 737 which crashed into embankment of M1 near Kegworth, Leicestershire, in 1989. He made rapid recovery from a fractured pelvis and injuries to face, chest and left knee which he received in crash, but later suffered nightmares and depression and was diagnosed as suffering post-traumatic stress disorder as result of his experiences in the crash. Apart from the trauma of the crash, he also played a major rescuing role, for which he received a Royal Humane Society award, and it is this which has been blamed for the PTS. The result of injuries and PTS was that he was discharged from the army in 1992. His wife later committed suicide with an overdose of pills prescribed to plaintiff

Award: Damages assessed at £125,627 against British Midland Airways but judgment entered for £97,971, agreed ceiling on their liability

Judge: Mr Justice Waterhouse

Plaintiff's solicitors: Irwin Mitchell

Defendant's solicitors:

Beaumont and Sons

Bryant v Connolly – QBD 11 July 199Claimants: Louise Bryant and Stanley Bryant, administrators of estate of Steven Stenton-Fores, 2Accident: Road traffic

Injuries: Fatal

Award: Agreed damages of £99,32Judge: Judge Gower QC

Plaintiff's solicitors: Wallace Bogan & Co (London)

Defendant's solicitors:

Penningtons (London)

Hanrahan v Camden & Islington Health Authority – QBD 3 July 199Claimant: Michael Hanrahan Accident: Oxygen starvation when born at Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead in May 1985

Injuries: Left with normal intelligence but suffers cerebral palsy, is virtually speechless and in need of full-time care

Award: Agreed damages of £1.3 million

Judge: Mr Justice Latham

Plaintiff's solicitors: Bindman & Partners (London)

Defendant's solicitors:

Beachcroft Stanleys (London)