Mehalai Sivalingam, 38, admitted 1990 and Neil Harget, 43, admitted 1992, practising at material times in partnership as Russell Clayton & Co, Wembley, fined £1,000 each and ordered to pay £1,796 costs each. Allegations substantiated they failed to keep properly written accounts and wrongly used client money for their own purposes. Tribunal said cash shortages had been speedily repaid, no clients had suffered any loss and no dishonesty had been alleged against the respondents. It appeared that two inexperienced solicitors had allowed the situation to arise.

Ian Richard Barry Nairnsey, 64, admitted 1957, and Laurence Alan Reefe, 60, admitted 1969, practising in partnership at material times as Nairnsey Reefe & Co, London NW4, suspended for five years and struck off respectively and ordered to pay one third and two-thirds respectively of costs totalling £8,087. Allegations substantiated they failed to pay funds from clients into client account, wrongly used client money for their own purposes, misappropriated client funds and obtained loans from a client without ensuring the client was separately represented. Tribunal told that as a result of their activities grants had been made on the Law Society Compensation Fund totalling £554,687 and pending claims totalled £292,364. Tribunal said there was no doubt Reefe had dishonestly taken client money for his own use. It was satisfied Nairnsey had not been aware of Reefe's activities.

Suzanne Maria Naa-oye Nti, refused admission to the Roll. Nti admitted 1986, struck off in 1990. Allegations substantiated that while practising as an assistant solicitor with Sylvester Small & Co, London N4, she was found guilty of conspiracy and sentenced to nine-months prison suspended for two years. Tribunal said Nti had achieved very considerable personal rehabilitation in the face of some adversity, but considered her re-admission would damage the reputation of the profession and the public's confidence in it.