Litigation Disciplinary Tribunals 26/09/95

NATHLYN SONIA BERTLYN COCHRANE, 40, admitted 1984, practised as Cochrane & Co, Walthamstow, London E17, fined £1. Allegations substantiated she failed to pay counsel's fees when due and failed to respond to correspondence from Bar Council and SCB. Tribunal told Cochrane entered ill-fated venture with Michael Grant, a solicitor who had been struck off for dishonest use of client money and permitted situation to arise where she was held out as his partner. As result she incurred liabilities that were originally Grant's. Tribunal said Cochrane should be admired for her efforts in meeting liabilities imposed on her by the nefarious activities of Grant. It was inappropriate to impose any further burden on her other than a £1 fine.

COLIN PICKLES, 66, admitted 1956, voluntarily removed his name from the roll in April 1993 while practising as Colin Pickles & Co, Gloucester, ordered not to be restored to roll without consent of tribunal and ordered to pay £644 costs. Tribunal was told that Pickles' accounts were unreliable. Although Pickles had put right his deficiency the breaches were unacceptable. If he had not removed himself voluntarily from the roll the tribunal would have deprived him of his ability to practice. He will not be restored to roll without consent.