Litigation and ADR

Those in the dispute resolution world are all abuzz with rumours that an economic downturn is just around the corner. Traditionally, when noncontentious law crashes litigation booms, but many in the legal profession are questioning whether this will be the case this time around.

The Woolf reforms, which looked to take disputes away from the court, are now in full swing, with mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) seeing a boom. ADR practitioners do not see this changing due to a downturn. So perhaps litigators shouldn’t be rubbing their hands in glee just yet?

This Litigation and ADR Special Report examines whether the growth of US-style class actions and the rise of solicitor-advocates are a threat to the UK’s legal culture; it looks at how the Zambian supercase has set a legal blueprint for Africa; and also takes a look at whether the bar should embrace ADR.