Links thinks pink

Despite Tulkinghorn being long in years and increasingly wide of girth, he appreciates innovation as much as the next man.

Top of most law firms’ to-do lists these days when it comes to innovation is brand awareness and diversity. So full marks go to Linklaters for coming up with a way for melding the two. It recently launched a new networking and support group for its gay lawyers and staff: Pinklaters.

Linklaters has made some sterling efforts recently in branding firm-related activities: readers of The Lawyer will already be familiar with LinkIdol, the firm’s battle of the bands, and Linkpedia, its version of Wikipedia.

Tulkinghorn awaits the next installment with baited breath. Surely it will be the magic circle firm’s attempt to appropriate popular culture: Silk Street, an uninterrupted live-feed reality show of all the crazeeee goings on at the firm, where partners get to vote each other out until one appears triumphant.

Hang on, didn’t that already happen with the vote to replace Tony Angel?