Linklaters brolly scheme strikes gold as Coleen Rooney spreads firm’s name

Linklaters’ policy of handing out branded umbrellas to students on campus to spread the firm’s name appears to have paid off after Coleen Rooney was pictured on the pitch after a Manchester United home match carrying a giant brolly with the magic circle outfit’s logo on it.

Coleen Rooney
Coleen Rooney

Corridors at Linklaters were buzzing with excitement today (13 May) after Coleen, the wife of footballer Wayne, was snapped on the pitch after yesterday’s Swansea City game holding a giant umbrella with the firm’s branding, accompanied by the United striker and their three-year-old son Kai.

The Daily Mirror noted the curiosity of Coleen’s holding the brolly at the club’s last Old Trafford match of the season “despite it not raining at all”.

A spokesperson for the magic circle firm suggested its name ended up being publicised to millions of viewers and readers thanks to the ‘borrow a brolly’ scheme, in which students are lent an umbrella to get between buildings on campus in the rain (15 October 2010).

The incident could also be put down to Linklaters’ use of brand ambassadors, students appointed across universities to run campaigns promoting the firm on-campus for a wage of £10 per hour.

In a statement the firm said: “We’ve been running a ‘borrow a brolly’ campaign in universities across the UK. It seems one valiant Manchester University brand ambassador seized the opportunity to take their role to a whole new level and promoted our graduate recruitment opportunities to Old Trafford and the world. We’re glad to have played a part keeping Coleen and the baby dry in yesterday’s Manchester rain.”