Lincoln's Inn compromises with tenants in rent rise row

After months of dispute and the threat of further court action, some 30 chambers and their landlord Lincoln's Inn have forged an agreement over rent rises.
Lincoln's Inn has been attacked for trying to increase rates by 80 per cent, way above the rates of other Inns and even the price of commercial leases in the vicinity.
Last week the two sides agreed to an approximate increase of 50 per cent, 30 per cent less than the amount the Inn was fighting for. Although tenants are hardly pleased with the final result, the rates will not increase so much that some sets will be forced to leave the Inn, as was threatened by some.
The central claim relating to the 80 per cent rent rise, due to be heard at trial before the London County Court on 24 June, has been settled, although there are minor matters still to be ironed out.
This follows disquiet caused by an attempt by 11 New Square to forge a separate Part 36 agreement with the Inn. The sets, having joined forces to fight the unprecedented move by the Inn, were upset that 11 New Square decided to forge a settlement of its own.
The Lincoln's Inn Bar Tenants' Association (LIBTA) alleged that the set's Part 36 offers were, according to a document seen by The Lawyer, “made without any reference or warning to the association”.
Sonia Proudman QC, head of 11 New Square, said “strenuous efforts” had been made to inform LIBTA but that communications broke down.