Letters of the law

Collyer-Bristow pulled off a bit of a coup last week, signing up Richard Butler’s Roger Parker and Olympic gold medal winner Ben Ainslie as its new postmen.

Unfortunately, despite Parker’s experience in running a big City firm, he wasn’t up to the task and was removed from his post after only one day. Apparently, he was too easily sidetracked and spent most of his time gossiping with partners – it took him over an hour to complete one floor. Lucky for him that Richards Butler hadn’t yet found someone to fill the Managing Gossip role at the firm and he has since returned to his old position.

Although Ainslie proved far more proficient, he decided that he wished to pursue a sailing career and so has also left the firm.
Rumours that Parker’s brief stint at Collyer-Bristow was the result of a bet with Jonathan Fox, chief executive at the 29-partner firm, could not be confirmed at the time of going to press. One assertion is that Collyer-Bristow, which sponsors Ainslie, backed their man to outperform Richard Butler’s sponsored sailors, Tornado pair Mark Bulkeley and Leigh McMillan, who struggled in the light winds of the second week of the Olympic regatta and finished thirteenth.

Despite his exertions carrying Parker through his postal duties, Ainslie was still going strong in the evening when the firm hosted the launch party for the Sport Industry Awards www.sportindustry.biz, happily meeting and greeting yet more lawyers at an exhibition of sporting photography, provided by Action Images. Football’s ‘finest’ – who are rarely compelled to see a lawyer (although some would do well to seek some reputable advice from time to time) – could certainly learn a thing or two.