Let’s have order in the firm

Limbo is drawing to an end for the lucky chaps and chapesses who have received the call-up to the hallowed gates of partnership this year.

There is a strange period between promotions being announced in early April and partnerships actually becoming effective, typically on 1 May.

So what does the prospective partner actually do in this strange time? Is it like school after exams finish but before term breaks up and all there is to do is ‘special projects’?Thanks are due to new Ashurst partner Gavin Gordon for being so straight with Tulkinghorn. “Not much. Order things, really,” he says.

Gordon’s Svengali Stephen Lloyd agrees. “It’s cool being a partner,” he says, “because when you order things they actually arrive.”

So what did he order to take advantage of his newfound status? A La-Z-Boy chair to take the weight off? An in-office jacuzzi, perhaps?”I ordered a window blind for my assistant,” he reports. Bless.

Perhaps it’s just the senior ranking Ashurst partners who progress to jacuzzis.