Let's get quizzical

The millennium quiz offers you the chance to win a crate of champagne – as if you haven't had enough – and the respect of your colleagues, so get your thinking caps on and your entries in soon

1. According to the Roman calendar the patron saint of lawyers is:

a) St Ives

b) St Yves

c) St Ginola

d) St Thomas

e) St Nicholas

2. During the year 0, how many times did the moon orbit the earth?

a) 1

b) 12

c) 13

d) 99

e) 0

3. Of the 175 films in which John Wayne appeared, in how many did the character he played die?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 8

d) 41

e) 101

4. Which artist painted The Potato Peelers?

a) Vincent Van Gogh

b) Tracey Emin

c) Damien Hirst

d) Thomas Gainsborough

e) Adolf Hitler

5. Which two European countries have the shortest land border?

a) Liechtenstein and Germany

b) Monaco and France

c) Austria and Italy

d) Spain and Gibraltar

e) Italy and San Marino

6. Which country has the longest border?

a) Argentina

b) China

c) Chad

d) Canada

e) USA

7. When Stockport County transferred Hugh McLenahan to Manchester United what did they receive in return?

a) Cigars

b) Champagne

c) Premium Bonds

d) Ice Cream

e) Christmas tree decorations

8. How many times has the golfer Lee Trevino been struck by lightning?

a) Once

b) Twice

c) Three times

d) Four times

e) Never

9. Which famous 1970s comedian starred in an episode of The Sweeney?

a) Eric Morecambe

b) Benny Hill

c) Charlie Drake

d) Frankie Howerd

e) Kenneth Williams

10. Which famous politician once advertised Ribena?

a) William Hague

b) Paddy Ashdown

c) Michael Portillo

d) Peter Mandelson

e) Ken Livingstone

11. What have Bruce Oldfield, Harold Robbins and Edith Piaf got in common?

a) They had their spouses murdered

b) They had spouses killed in plane crashes

c) They were abandoned by their parents when very young

d) They represented their country at bridge

e) They were married on Christmas Day

12. What was Biggles' elder brother called?

a) Rupert

b) Charles

c) Digby

d) Algenon

e) Bertie

13. Edgar Cook is or was one of the main characters in which TV series?

a) Eastenders

b) This Life

c) All Creatures Great and Small

d) Colditz

e) Dr Kildare

14. What was Mariss Yansons conducting in Oslo when he suffered a near- fatal heart attack but continued to the end of the performance?

a) Death and The Maiden

b) La Boheme

c) The Unfinished Symphony

d) Bruckner's 8th Symphony

e) Beethoven's Eroica Symphony

15. What do Sporty Spice, Mick Hucknall and Ian Wright have in common?

a) They have tattoos on their bottoms

b) They have had their navels pierced

c) They have teeth with gold or jewels in them

d) They were born on Christmas Day

e) They are accomplished pianists

16. Who said: 'I love Christmas, I receive a lot of wonderful presents I can't wait to exchange'?

a) Henny Youngman

b) Brian Davidson

c) Max Beerbohm

d) Harry Hershfield

e) Rudy Vallee

17. If you were playing chess with Gary Kasparov, he would have his knights arranged with their heads pointing:

a) Towards the nearest rook

b) Towards the nearest bishop

c) Forwards

d) Backwards

e) None of the above

18. Myrrh is a resin from which tree?

a) Commiphora

b) Erkisine

c) Clamiforis

d) Tropicana

e) Arobicanthea

f) The common Christmas tree

19. At the start of the James Bond film The World is not Enough, M gives 007 a whisky, but what kind of whiskey is it?

a) Auchentoshan

b) Highland Park

c) Talisker

d) Rosebank

e) Bruichladdich

20. Which composer wrote an opera entitled Christmas Eve Revels?

a) Rossini

b) Rimsky-Korsakov

c) Verdi

d) Bellini

e) Donizetti

21. The son of a millionaire-widower is fatally infected by radioactivity in which film?

a) A Christmas Story

b) Christmas Eve

c) Christmas in July

d) The Christmas Tree

e) Christmas in Connecticut

22. Corelli's Concerto in G minor is better known as?

a) The Millennium Concerto

b) The Greenwich Concerto

c) The New Year's Day Concerto

d) The Christmas Concerto

e) The New Year's Eve Concerto

23. In which of the following places does McDonald's sell beer?

a) New York

b) St Ives

c) Garmisch-Partenkirchen

d) Moscow

e) The Christmas Island

24. What is the first name of Tin Tin's friend Professor Calculus?

a) Jesus

b) Joseph

c) Cuthbert

d) Edgar

e) Gabriel

25. What is the safest month to climb the North face of the Eiger?

a) January

b) April

c) July

d) October

e) December

26. Who invented the term 'leapfrog'?

a) Shakespeare

b) Chaucer

c) Bill Gates

d) Pope Paul II

e) King Louis XIV

27. The remains of Gene Rodenberry, the creator of Star Trek, were:

a) Buried on the Mount of Olives

b) Jettisoned into outer space

c) Scattered on Mount Millennium, Oregon

d) Never found

e) Beamed up to Mars

28. If you made the word 'century' on your first attempt during a game of Scrabble (with C on the centre square) you would score:

a) 7

b) 20

c) 26


e) 363

29. A character called Colin Blyth appeared in which film?

a) The Great Escape

b) Holiday Inn

c) White Christmas

d) It's a Wonderful Life

e) Blythe Spirit

30. Arceuthobium Americanum is a type of:

a) Holly

b) Ivy

c) Poinsettia

d) Christmas tree

e) Mistletoe

31. The character Old Joe makes an appearance in which of the following books:

a) A Christmas Carol

b) The Christmas Tree

c) The Snowman

d) The Hungry Frog

e) Noddy's Christmas Surprise