Let the games begin…

Forget lacing up the boots – leave that for the players. Instead, replace the batteries in the TV remote, put out the cat and stock the fridge full of beer (or, if you dare, Champagne). If you’re one of the lucky ones, pack your passport and double, triple and quadruple check you’ve got your tickets.

It’s time for the World Cup, and for the first time, from Frankfurt to Fetter Lane, Cologne to Canary Wharf, this is Tulkinghorn’s World Cup Blog.

All the drama a World Cup can offer the legal fraternity will be relayed here, as seen through the eyes and ears of Tulkinghorn. The beer swilling and spilling madness as goals pile up will be plentiful. Revel in the glory with Tulkinghorn pitch-side, leap for joy with Tulkinghorn in law firm
boardrooms across the City, and share in the heartbreak as Tulkinghorn gets caught in the loo when the winning goal is scored.

To brag or lament about you or your firm’s World Cup exploits, or heck, even slip Tulkinghorn a ticket, email Tulkinghorn@thelawyer.comor phone 020 7970 4641.