Leslie Seldon and the seven year retirement battle

For any litigant a seven-year legal battle is going to take its toll. Spare a thought then for former Clarkson Wright & Jakes partner Leslie Seldon who has been at war with his former firm since his forced retirement back in 2006.

Yesterday the case stumbled to the end of the legal road with the Employment Appeal Tribunal backing an earlier ruling delivered by the Employment Tribunal (ET) – namely that the.

Oh, what a long and winding legal road it’s been. The journey has included two outings in the ET and two more in the EAT, a challenge in the appellate court, which firm could legitimately justify retiring partners at age 65drew an intervention from the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, while the Equality & Human Rights Commission gave Seldon its backing.

A further appeal was taken to the Supreme Court, with Age UK joining the fray and yet Seldon was still unable to reverse the tide of rulings against him.

The upshot being that while Seldon has helped clarify the law regarding partnership retirements he has failed to reverse it.

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