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Tech start-up gets cash injection from Clifford Chance and Latham

Reynen Court, the platform claiming to be a “one-stop” tech solution for the legal industry, has completed its first series A investment round, attracting cash from two of its biggest law firm backers. The heavyweight firms joined Prins H LLC, an investment vehicle set up by the platform’s founder and CEO Andrew Klein to provide […]


CMS: Give us your ideas and spend a week in Silicon Valley

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang has launched a new portal to allow its staff to generate ideas and turn the best ones into products, The Lawyer has learned. The firm is asking for ideas that address three challenges, namely culture, internal efficiency or client solutions. These can either be “quick wins” or “big ideas”, which are transformative […]

Baker McKenzie

Bakers invests in design thinking to “put humans at the centre”

Baker McKenzie is looking to incorporate design thinking into its lawyers’ practices with a series of live sessions and an online training course. Over the past few months, the firm has been hosting several sessions, both internal and client-facing, and is currently developing online portals to help fee-earners familiarise themselves with this increasingly popular know-how […]


Case studies

Travers Smith’s Dunkirk spirit during an 18-month office overhaul

Travers Smith has not moved offices. It has not abandoned its treasured room-sharing system for open plan. But someone walking into 10 Snow Hill, where Travers has been based since 1990, would be forgiven for thinking they had lost their way. The firm has recently completed a total refurbishment of its offices, all while keeping […]

Legal tech briefings

TMT Annual Report: Evolutionary Tale

Fernando Resina da Silva and Magda Cocco, VdA partners, contributed for the TMT Annual Report for the article “Evolutionary tale” about digital challenges. Regardless of the industry sector companies operate in, new business models will be needed to be developed. This may be a great opportunity for lawyers. Technology is revolutionising the economy and it […]

HighQ launches AI survey, aiming to sift through the hype

When it comes to artificial intelligence in the legal industry, the number of platform options are soaring with almost 70 companies focused on creating AI-enabled legal technology solutions, according to a LawGeex report. It’s also clear that firms and other businesses will want to evaluate and invest in multiple AI platforms to solve different problems, […]

Upcoming webinar: Improve firm-wide collaboration, security and efficiency with one tool

Introduction The legal landscape is fierce and technology can help your firm get ahead, but only if your lawyers will actually use it. See how HighQ’s next-generation platform combines accessibility, collaboration and task management with security to offer your firm a competitive advantage. Join the webinar to explore: Intelligent collaboration and optimised legal service delivery […]

Impact of technology and AI on the legal industry

By Michael Luckman Change is here, and more is coming, but technology can bring rewards as long as we remember to care for the human beings at the heart of the operation Technology and AI will have as much of an impact on our profession as it will in any other industry and we need […]

Growing use of robots and AI by law firms

By Graham Richardson Faster decision-making, cost savings and fewer errors – robots and AI are already benefiting law firms and their clients, with many exciting developments still to come In the age of robots, AI and automated law, the role and outputs of the in-house team is about to experience its own ‘big bang’. No longer […]


Blog: How is Artificial Intelligence shaping the legal profession?

At the core of AI today is Machine Learning, where computers use rules (algorithms) to analyse data, discern patterns and gather insight. AI is increasingly becoming part of our daily lives – whether it’s translating a foreign language on a phone or using a virtual assistant to seek medical advice – it is fast becoming […]

Blog: The digitisation of the legal sector

Law firms across the UK are transforming the way they work, adapting to the continued digitisation of the legal sector. Although steeped in traditional practice methodology, many lawyers and barristers are rising to this challenge and starting to put digitisation at the heart of their growth strategy.

Webinar: Cloud security – Five questions to help decide who to trust

Cloud-based solutions are growing in popularity within the legal industry and it’s easy to see why. They are quick, convenient, scalable and continually updated. But how secure is the data you trust to the cloud? Protecting your data is crucial to your business’s reputation and not all cloud solutions are the same when it comes […]

Blog: New technology to drive solicitor’s productivity

We are finding that solicitors – and indeed others operating in the professional services sector – are facing a work-life balance crisis. In fact, according to our recent survey on workplace stress, 61% of the sector attributed lack of time as a key source of their work pressure. We believe technology can help solicitors use […]

Blog: Why are lawyers writing code?

Legal firms are embracing digital legal software – reimagining their business, streamlining processes, integrating real-time systems, providing mobile access and automating routine tasks. As part of this, increasing numbers of lawyers are choosing to find out more about what is going on behind the technology that is transforming the way they work.

How AI will transform the financial services sector

By Christopher N. Alam In August, 2018, The World Economic Forum (“WEF”) published a report, The New Physics of Financial Services, that looks at how AI will transform the financial services sector. The report discusses how matters will change in terms of relationships between participants in the financial industry and addresses a number of issues around […]

Machine learning: A vital tool for surviving the data deluge

By Kevin Shergold, Vijay Rathour, Nick Rich The reality of modern investigative practice is a tsunami of data, and less time or budget to get to the truth than ever before. Traditional linear review, even augmented by full text search, is no longer adequate for the task. How machine learning works Fortunately, computer hardware has advanced to the […]

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