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Norton Rose

Norton Rose Fulbright sets up tech consultancy for clients

As firms ramp up efforts to provide consultancy-style services for clients, Norton Rose Fulbright has debuted a new unit to support companies on tech investments such as AI and blockchain. The firm’s technology consulting practice will be led by computer scientist Peter McBurney, who, as an external consultant since 2017, has fed the firm insights into […]


Real estate report 2019: The firm spending $8m on lawtech is…

Innovation, specifically the use of proptech, is becoming increasingly influential in the strategies of the world’s largest property practices, as highlighted in The Lawyer’s upcoming Global Real Estate 50 report. The report, which is published later this month, focuses on the strategies of the world’s biggest real estate teams, with technology forming an important part […]

Nicola Brooks

KPMG targets Travers for new legal ops unit

Big Four accountancy firm KPMG has hired Travers Smith‘s operations director to lead a new legal consulting unit that supports in-house teams on digital transformation. Nicola Brooks, who spent more than three years at Travers Smith focusing on legal delivery, will head the new legal operations and transformation (LOTS) service alongside the accountancy firm’s head […]


Case studies

Legal tech briefings

Legal tech in M&A – man vs machine?

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” More than 500 years later, and one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines may become a reality, not literally of course, but evolving legal technologies and increasingly cost-conscious clients have created the perfect basis for the extinction of legal work as we know it. The typical […]

Welcome to PropTech

The real estate industry contributes 5.4% to GDP and employs approximately 1+ million people in the UK. However technology is disrupting the industry with the promise of improved physical and cost efficiencies, flexibility and a more agile working experience. Welcome to PropTech: “PropTech: is one small part of a wider digital transformation in the property […]

AI can be a game changer in law if applied correctly

There are a growing number of companies entering the legal sector with new ideas about how technology can be used to improve service quality whilst simultaneously reducing costs. They are bringing a wind of change that is hard to resist for lawyers, whether practicing in law firms or within in-house legal teams. Automation, driven by […]

Digitisation, administration and transfer of registered shares of an unlisted AG on the blockchain

By Thomas Kulnigg, Zurab Simonishvili In the past few years, blockchain has become a “hype” topic for lawyers, as the technology seemingly promises entirely new ways to easily and securely track transactions via a decentralised peer-to-peer computer network. Due to its secure and decentralised nature, blockchain technology could be the perfect solution to digitise shares in companies, […]

Why are Lawyers writing code?

We find ourselves in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and this digital transformation brings with it a need for change in our working practices. There is a shift towards a more innovative, fresh and connected way of doing business. Organisations that are digitally savvy, in every sector, are leading the way and growing […]


How is Artificial Intelligence shaping the legal profession?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a term first used in the 1950s to describe machines that mimic certain operations of the human mind and complete tasks that normally require human intelligence. At the core of AI today is Machine Learning, where computers use rules (algorithms) to analyse data, discern patterns and gather insight. AI is increasingly […]

How lawyers can build a positive online reputation

By Willie Peacock What’s the first thing you do when seeking a new product or professional service? You Google it—either to research your options, get contact information, or to look for reviews. In fact, according to a 2016 BrightLocal survey, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. So how can lawyers actively manage […]

Shaping a ‘best in class’ in-house legal function

By David Jackson, Tony Randle Capturing data is key. You can only accurately measure the effectiveness of your team and external advisers if you have that data. And with it you can make better-informed decisions and influence others to make change happen. Listening to frontline GCs exchanging views at a recent interactive round table event, several core […]

GDPR- Making a virtue out of a necessity when managing data

By Nina Bryant A new forward-thinking approach to reduce risk of data breach has changed the way organisations view their processes in a drive to protect reputation. Since it came into force in May, GDPR has had a profound effect on the way that all organisations manage their data and relationships with customers. Issues that were […]

Digital footprints – The key to successful fraud investigations

By Muthmainur Rahman A growing reservoir of data can now be used by investigators to uncover wrongdoing at an early stage and trap fraudsters before they do significant damage. From the moment they wake up in the morning, almost every human being contributes to their individual digital footprint. As well as our text messages, emails and […]

Attorney-forensic accountant relationship grows in value

By Michael Trahar By avoiding email conversations, savvy employees have made fraud cases less obvious to detect, giving forensic accountants the opportunity to prove their worth. It has become increasingly difficult to find the smoking gun document in an email review that cracks a fraud investigation open. Gone are the days when the client’s local management […]

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