LeBoeuf posts 23 per cent revenue rise

LeBoeuf Lamb Green & MacRae posted a 23 per cent jump in gross revenue for 2005 with the firm’s turnover hitting $440m (£249m).

The result marks a return to form for the New York-based firm, which only grew its turnover five per cent in 2004. The firm posted year-end turnover figures of $340m (£192.5m) in 2003 and $356.4m (£201.6m) in 2004.

Profit per equity partner (PEP) for 2005 climbed 14 per cent to hit $1.32m (£747,000), up from the 2004 figure of $1.16m (£656,000).

The firm’s revenue per lawyer figure rose 21 per cent from $593,012 (£335,084) in 2004 to hit $718,954 (£407,084) for 2005.

Figures for the performance of the London office, which follows the firm wide specialist practice areas in energy, utilities and insurance, were not available. But a firm spokesman confirmed: “We are very, very happy with these figures.”