Leading the game

Tulkinghorn is what is commonly known as an armchair sportsman – one of the main reasons he gets on so well with so many of the UK's managing partners. After all, the only sport it is sensible to indulge in is golf, and even then only if one hasn't been enjoying a gruelling four-hour luncheon marathon. So, Tulkinghorn is not quite sure what to make of Paul Berwin, managing partner of Harrogate firm, Berwins. The man is quite clearly mad. Having exhausted the thrill of marathon running he is now down to compete in the London Triathlon. The pressure is clearly on as he has been selected as one of the competition's 20 'captains' – professionals tasked with raising at least £25,000 each. If this story inspires you, or you are already bonkers, then why not enter The Lawyer Cup, a dedicated competition sponsored by The Lawyer, open to anyone working within the legal profession. All you have to do is form a team of three and compete in the corporate relay. Oh, and be able to swim 1.5km, ride 40km and run 10km (actually there is a shorter 'sprint' version for those wimps among you).
For further information on The Lawyer Cup, please call 020 7559 2929, email info@thelondontriathlon.com or visit www.thelondontriathlon.com.