LCD forces anti-judge web-site to close

A website containing material critical of judges has been shut down following pressure from the Lord Chancellor's Department.

In an online open letter to the Lord Chancellor, James Hulbert denounced five judges who heard cases in which he claims he was denied justice.

The LCD's lawyers moved in and complained to Hulbert's internet service providers that the material was offensive. The site was “disabled with immediate effect”.

Hulbert was acquitted of deception and assaulting a policeman in 1991 and won an out-of-court settlement from police for false imprisonment and assault.

Since then he has fought to get the courts to accept that some of the evidence in his trial was fabricated.

Kingston Internet Webmaster closed down Hulbert's site, claiming he had breached its terms and conditions which ban the online use of “obscene, menacing, threatening, offensive, abusive, indecent or defamatory” material.

Hulbert has now transferred all his material onto an American website.