Lawyers who lunch

Tulkinghorn sometimes finds the modern world of law a little frenetic, and the pace of it tends to trigger his gout. So it was a relief to receive the following press release:
“Southampton solicitors Paris Smith & Randall (PS&R) hosted lunch at the Friends Provident Saint Mary's Stadium, their guests Morris Dibben enjoyed lunch in the PS&R box, followed by a tour of the stadium. Ian Gordon from PS&R's residential property department said: 'We have a long-standing working relationship with Morris Dibben, the lunch gave us an opportunity for staff from both organisations to meet up as well having the opportunity of viewing the stadium'.”
For those of you bamboozled, let's just clarify things. Someone from a law firm went for a nice lunch with an estate agent client at Southampton FC's football ground. Anyone else done that recently? Just to add extra colour, the lovely marketing people at PS&R sent a photo of the diners looking like they are having fun. What do you think, pre or post lunch?
Tulkinghorn would be most pleased to hear about partners new hairstyles, babies or cars, and would especially welcome news about good breakfast meetings – were the croissants warmed to perfection or did the coffee go cold?