Lawyers’ racket

Rock stars come in unlikely guises these days. Last week’s BBC Horizon documentary on gravity was fronted by particle physicist Dr Brian Cox, who turned out to have been the keyboard player in ’90s chart-toppers D:Ream.

So maybe there’s hope for Bircham Dyson Bell associate and barrister Rahul Bijlani, who together with the firm’s finance systems controller Gavin Mitchell is busy “ramping up his plan for global domination of the popular music charts”.

That’s according to a recent posting on Bijlani’s website, anyway, where he also hails Mitchell as a “whizzkid” and admits that “it’s proving to be a very shallow ramp”.

Citing none other than Sophie Ellis-Bextor as his musical inspiration, he insists that “music gets the best of me”.

Bircham, apparently, gets the rest.