Lawyers play Devil's advocate

Tulkinghorn has become something of a telly addict in recent weeks. Thanks to Mrs Tulkinghorn's obsession with the jungle antics in I'm Not a Celebrity, Get Me a Career, the Tulkinghorn television has been firmly switched to the 'on' position.

And it shows no signs of being switched off now that a merry band of lawyers from Theodore Goddard (now Addleshaw Goddard) are about to make their screen debut on behalf of the legal profession. Thanks to a tip-off from the Lawyer 2B diarist Donoghue's Snail, Tulkinghorn is looking forward to watching a battle of brains between the lawyers and some vicars in University Challenge – The Professionals. Led by first-year trainee MiMi Aye Min, the team also includes corporate partner William James, media and internet litigation partner David Engel and property litigation associate Scott Goldstein.

The team of lawyers beat off competition from 1,000 other teams (including 30 other law firms) to appear on the show, which is being aired at the start of June.

Although Aye Min would not be drawn on how the lawyers fared against the clergy, she did confirm something that Tulkinghorn has long feared: Jeremy Paxman may look as though he's wearing a suit behind that desk, but really he's wearing jeans. What is the BBC coming to?