Lawyers on the catwalk

Neil Hodges, who joined Zurich from Barclays two years ago, has revealed the insurer’s revamped panel of UK law firms, a slimmed-down version of an already svelte beast.

Previously there were three main firms on the roster – Beachcroft, Bevan Brittan and Pinsent Masons – as well as slots for Shoosmiths and Gloucester firm Tanners. Hodges has managed to shed a few pounds by plumping for just Beachcroft and Pinsents this time round (see story).

Hodges reckons he’ll benefit from having fewer firms because it will allow him to develop deeper relationships with them.

But don’t worry, this hasn’t been a crash diet. The slimming down began back in 2003, when the business abandoned its five-panel model in favour of a single UK roster (see story).

Three years ago Hodges’ predecessor James Butler cut masses of flab from the panel when he slashed the number of firms from 25 to five (see story).

With the panel now approaching size zero territory, let’s hope Beachcroft and Pinsents can learn to walk in fierce heels.

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