Lawyers may lose cars in public transport drive

Tim Miller

BIRMINGHAM City Council's head of legal could be stripped of his u20,000 staff car as part of the authority's bid to promote public transport.

The council is considering scrapping "company" cars for senior officers when contracts come up for renewal.

Director of legal services Stewart Dobson, and two assistant directors Janette Bird and Trevor Grannum, would be affected by the policy change which is under "active consideration" by one of the council's sub-committees.

But salaries will be increased to help soften the blow if the initiative is adopted, according to director of personnel Stephen Ward.

Senior officers were first given staff cars when fixed-term contracts were introduced about six years ago.

Ward says the latest proposals will either be "cost neutral" or will save the council money. But the main reason for the change is to encourage the use of more environmentally-friendly public transport, he says.