In this week’s 60-second interview, Autonomy Investimentos head of legal Farley Menezes talks to The Lawyer about the positives of the COVID-19 crisis and working successfully from home.

Farley Menezes
Farley Menezes

What positives can you see emerging from this current crisis?

At this point in time, the only thing that I can envision as a positive direct effect of this crisis is that we are learning to use technology as a powerful tool to make the most of our time. When it comes to business meetings, for example, we finally realized that it can be a lot more effective to have a meeting using apps like Teams, Zoom etc., than by being physically present, with all the inconveniences that comes along with it, such as the time we spent on commuting and traffic. In a huge metropolis like São Paulo, that makes a huge difference.

How has working remotely impacted team morale and how did you keep your team motivated during these difficult times?

Crisis situations like this (which our generation has never experienced before) bring many challenges and I am of the opinion that challenges are the things we, lawyers, love the most. Therefore, not only my team’s morale but also our motivation have increased as a result of the current crisis. We need to keep in mind that no matter the impact of this crisis, everything will eventually pass and we need to have the peace of mind to wait and work for the best.

What is your top advice for working successfully whilst at home?

My best advice is to keep yourself away from the distractions that being at home can bring, and to try to keep focused on your job, the same way you would do if you were at your office.

What is your favorite book and why?

One of my favorite books of all times (if I have to pick just one, which is very difficult) is “The Prague”, by Albert Camus. This book has a special meaning for me because it describes, with a very powerful narrative, how fragile is the line between what we call civilization and savagery. It is wonderfully written.