The Manchester Law Society has set up a legal advice rota to help victims of the attack at the Manchester Arena on 22 May.

The attack killed 23 people, including the bomber, and seriously injured more than 120 others.

The Manchester Law Society is seeking firms who are willing to give pro bono advice to bereaved families to assist with Inquests, and to seriously injured people to assist with Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority claims.

A spokesperson for the Manchester Law Society said that they had already received hundreds of emails in response to the call for help.

The chief executive of the Manchester Law Society Fran Eccles-Bech, who is coordinating the offer of free legal advice for the victims of the Manchester attack and their families, said: “Like everyone else in the community, we just want to help in any way we can, and offering free legal advice to those affected by this week’s tragedy in Manchester is what we can do best.

“Since we put out the call to the legal community on Tuesday the response has been overwhelming. Over a hundred local solicitor firms, law students, barristers and also bigger law firms from the North and farther afield have offered free legal advice to the victims and their families to help deal with the legal issues they may face in the years and months to come as a result of Sunday night’s events. We are working with Manchester police so that victims can more easily find the help they need. 

“I know ours is a small contribution in the face of the enormity of the impact of the attack on so many people’s lives, but I hope we can help even a little.”

More details can be found on the Society’s website. Lawyers interested in helping should contact with their name, firm, full contact details and area of speciality.