Lawyers Against LonelinessIn these days of social isolation it can be tough not seeing your friends and colleagues, especially if you are at home alone.

But the great thing about the legal profession is that it has an incredibly strong sense of community. To this end, every afternoon at 3pm The Lawyer will be sharing content from lawyers working from home.

We hope it will become a regular moment where you can take five minutes out of your day, look up from your isolation inspiration station, have your spirits lifted, and remember that we are all out there with you.

We need contributions! Email us if you want to help out. Everyone from the legal sector is welcome to contribute, not just lawyers.

Quiz of the day

Today’s quiz is one from the archives – it can be found here. If you fancy yourself as a quizmaster and want to set a puzzle for the profession, let us know,

Today’s kids’ challenge

Attention lawyers with kids! We want to see their art. Get them to draw a picture of you at work (either working from home or how they imagine your job to be) and we will showcase as many as we can on the website in a Tony Hart-style Gallery (explanatory link for the under-30s here). Email us here and we’ll put them up next week.

Need a new hobby? have made all their classes free until 9 April.

The Lawyer Listens

With the majority of the legal market working from home, The Lawyer has curated a playlist of some of our favourite songs to listen to while working from the living room or kitchen.

Today: Ottolenghi by Loyle Carner

South London rapper Loyle Carner has garnered a reputation for infusing smooth beats with old school raps. Released last year, ‘Ottolenghi’ is a low-key triumph, a moody slow-burner on a jazz tip.

The title refers to chef and restaurateur Yotam Ottolenghi, who Carner himself has said he admires. In the track, Carner described how he was quizzed on a train about the “Bible” he was reading, which was the aforementioned chef’s cookbook Jerusalem’.

The track is a real mood lifter and the perfect track to jam along to while working from home, or cooking up one of Ottolenghi’s recipes.

Got a track you want to recommend? Email us here.

Video of the day

Please do send videos of 2-5 minutes to us. They don’t have to be high quality. You don’t have to give your full name or firm if you don’t want it mentioned. You can focus on whatever you like. Tell us what you’ve been working on today, or what you have learned. Or introduce us to your children or parents or pets. Recommend a book or show you love. Sing us a song or tell us a joke or show us your art or give us an update on shipping law if that’s what you want to do.

Junior lawyers! You are the generation brought up doing video – this should be a doddle for you. Senior lawyers! Don’t be shy – this is your chance to pass on your wisdom or just have some fun.

Today’s video is the daily jog of one of The Lawyer’s journalists currently self-isolating up north (lawyers with GoPros or at least better smartphone filming technique: send us your routines).