Lawrence Graham thinks letters are better

Google ‘LG’ and what do you get? Surprise surprise, an electronics firm. Not a law firm.

But you might be forgiven for confusing the two now that Lawrence Graham has gone all funky and cut out all those unnecessary vowels and consonants.

LG’s thinking is that the market has been calling it LG for years (although we’re not convinced it has), so it has used the excuse of its office move to More London Riverside to go the whole hog. Apparently it is unconcerned that people are going to start calling to order a mobile phone. Or a fridge.

As a partner at a rival firm (we’ll call it S&S) puts it: “Contracting a firm’s name down to initials is a fairly common thing to do, but it can be risky unless the business has built up a significant amount of goodwill in that name. Initials on their own are often not very memorable or distinctive.”

Unless they happen to be the same as a world-famous electronics business, that is.

So if you do need to track down ‘LG’ the law firm, you might like to know that you need to add the word ‘lawyers’. Which sort of defeats the object.

LG. More London, fewer letters.