A law student has founded a website to help young people dismayed by the prospect of Brexit to leave the UK.

Aspiring barrister Tom Phillips, who recently completed the Graduate Diploma in Law at City University, decided to set up Brexiles.com in the wake of the Leave vote in the referendum.

“For young people the brightest future now lies outside of the UK,” the website says.

“When the ballot box lets you down, vote with your feet.”

The site aims to help students make an informed and positive decision about their future and give advice on what life abroad is like, the process involved with moving and the opportunities available.

Speaking to Lawyer 2B, Phillips said: “Personally, I lived in France for four years as a child and as a result I feel particularly European. Speaking to my friends, it became clear that I was far from alone in my desire to relocate in the search of a brighter future, both politically and economically.”

“We hope that those who do decide to relocate following Brexit will one day return home enthused by the ideas of international co-operation and friendship.”

He added: “At this point in time, both the idea and the website itself are fresh. We would therefore love to hear from anyone in the legal community who wants to contribute to our development. They might want a platform on which to blog about working as lawyer abroad or to help us advise people on their current legal rights and the outlook post-Brexit.”

British solicitors and barristers are already considering whether applying to the Irish roll and Bar is a good way to respond to the Leave vote.