Law Society's latest pay proposals may end dispute

Accountants and monitoring unit staff at the Law Society are considering an offer from the society designed to put an end to their pay dispute.

The proposed deal follows a one-day strike – the first in the society's history – by accountants and monitoring staff last month and a series of negotiations between a MSF union official and society management.

The staff were aggrieved that their counterparts in the private sector were earning about £6,000 more for similar work.

They also complained about a reduction in monthly car allowances from £370 to £340.

The society would not reveal details of the offer.

Barbara Cahalane, director of communications at the society, said: “The Law Society has made an offer to MSF concerning the claims over pay and car allowances.

“It is currently being discussed with the staff concerned.”

She said the society would keep the offer open for four weeks but expected a response shortly.