Law Society to decide if Bahl inquiry is necessary

The Law Society is holding a special general meeting on 31 January on whether to set up an independent inquiry into the Kamlesh Bahl affair

Last July the society was found liable for sexual and racial discrimination against its former vice-president.
The call for an inquiry has come from Bahl, with the support of Imran Khan. They are arguing that although Bahl won the tribunal, there should be an inquiry into why the society was, as they put it, “proved racist and sexist”.
In a letter sent to society members, the society's ruling council has hit back at Bahl by reminding members why it thinks she resigned from the Law Society.
The letter stated: “Members will be aware that Kamlesh Bahl resigned from her office of vice-president… following a decision by an independent inquiry chaired by a former law lord Lord Griffiths that she had bullied five members of Law Society staff.”