Law Society ratifies South African link

THE LAW Society is set to launch is 20th bilateral law association when it makes formal links with South African law firms.

The British South African Law Association, due to be launched next month, comes in response to a boom in interest in the post-apartheid country.

The society says the link-up will “promote fellowship” between the two countries' legal professions as well as develop business.

In addition, the society says it will assist both branches of the South African legal profession in areas such as education and human rights.

Emma Donaldson, international promotion officer for the society, says the idea has evolved as pressure has mounted for a link with the country.

She says an initial mail-out to practitioners on the subject has been “very, very positive”.

The group will be practitioner-run and Donaldson says: “Ideally we'd like to see a sister organisation. A corresponding organisation should be set up in South Africa.”

The society has already set up 19 bilateral groups, including units in the Middle East and Central European countries.

Donaldson says the society is planning a conference, also next month, “to draw together all the different bilateral law associations”.